Capex Optimization - Aspire: Perfecting Networks

Aspire Technology is now part of NEC!

Capex Optimization

Have you observed?

  • Inflated and non-prioritized capacity expansions resulting in poor use of limited CapEx
  • Need to build with precision and maximize 5G ROI
  • Long capacity expansion lifecycles not allowing dynamic and adaptive use of CAPEX

We’ve been supporting our customers to:

  • Optimize use of CapEx (what, where, when) ensuring maximum RoI using Aspire smart planning tools
  • Patented methodology for smart planning allowing most efficient site selection for 5G deployment​
  • Evolve to predictive and automated CAPEX planning with AI based performance forecast​



less CAPEX compared to vendor proposal​


more 5G traffic on prioritized sites


more frequent CAPEX planning​