Network Optimization - Aspire: Perfecting Networks win national benchmarking campaigns with a cost-efficient model and proven methodology and expertise

Aspire Technology is now part of NEC!

Aspire Technology realizes business value through AI and ML assisted network end-to-end optimization.


We’ve been using Machine Learning to operate and optimize mobile and fixed networks and reduce CapEx intensity, overcoming the exponential data growths pressurizing investments and degrading performance.

Thanks to our domain experts and innovative software solutions, we are capable of efficiently troubleshooting services end-to-end accelerating performance improvements in growing complex multi-system, multi-vendor and multi-service networks.

Together with our worldwide customers and data science team, we have developed advanced analytics and improved processes that eliminate outdated manual tasks through automatic data sources correlation, automated diagnostics and closed-loop actions. 

Winning national benchmarking campaigns has become a top priority for many operators. Aspire cost-efficient model and proven methodology has enabled our customers to outperform in such benchmarks thanks to our mix of deep technology expertise, +20-years’ experience and innovative solutions.