Project team success

Private Wi-Fi Network performance and availability

One of our clients reached out to Aspire to provide a unified view of the performance and availability of their WI-FI networks across multi countries and provided by multiple vendors. The client supplies private WI-FI networks for state offices, universities, and schools in several regions and countries, for which its operations wanted to improve visibility in terms of performance and availability. The current solution in place provided a fragmented siloed view utilizing the vendor’s defined KPIs, NMS and presentation methods.  

Aspire project team with the support of the local domain engineers and working with the end users created a solution that could connect, retrieve, parse, and present the KPI data from a multi-vendor Wi-Fi network. The solution was designed to be autonomous and included a presentation layer customized to meet the requirements defined by the end users.   

Once the automated solution to retrieve and parse the data was in place the following criteria were applied to the presentation layer which also included the ability to trigger alerts: 

  • Integration of the corresponding number of Wi-Fi nodes 
  • Country-wise dashboard view of all Wi-Fi nodes 
  • Real-time data retrieval and visualization 
  • Executive dashboard view (with the Wi-Fi nodes availability, CPU utilization, memory utilization, number of connected access points, link latency, link jitter, bandwidth utilization, signal strength, signal noise ratio, certificate expiry information, and various other KPIs) 
  • Instant and last week comparison of various KPIs 

The finished project resulted in numerous benefits for the client. The enhanced management of the private WI-FI networks using vendor neutral unified approach improved the ability to determine network performance and availability and enabled operations to reduce downtime and improve network quality (optimization) providing an overall improvement in customer experience. 

We congratulate the members of the project team from both sides on another completed project and wish them success in future ones!