Disrupting network operations in multi-vendor environments

Whether you are a mobile operator looking for a way to reduce deployment and operational costs, an investor looking for the next worthwhile investment in telecoms, or an engineer looking for a successful career step, Open RAN is the next big thing you should consider for 2022.

Market demand for Open RAN deployment will grow in next 2-5 years

Just before the end of 2021, GSMA and Aspire Technology, one of the leading specialized system integrators in Open Networks, conducted a survey on the state of the Open RAN market. The survey included 370 participants: mobile operators, fixed line operators, MVNOs, and hardware and software vendors. With 58% of the participants stating that Open RAN will be ready for large scale deployments in next 1-2 years and 61% planning to implement it within 1-2 years, the data undoubtedly shows that Open RAN is here not only to shake up the mobile ecosystem, but also to change it forever