Project team success

Successful project closure for one of the world’s leading telecom groups in Middle East

Eighteen weeks long journey working hand in hand together with one of the world’s leading telecom groups in Middle East is successfully finished, delivering valuable insights, analysis, transparency, and knowledge transfer. 

The scope of the service was to improve client’s data & voice services performance with a holistic approach focused on E2E performance rather than optimization focused on a particular network domain, like radio or core. 

Project included activities such as:  

  • Log & traces analysis  
  • Competitor benchmark 
  • E2E parameter budit 
  • E2E capacity audit  
  • E2E QoS audit 
  • Feature introduction & tuning 
  • E2E performance troubleshooting 

The main project achievements are substantial improvements on speech call setup time for both VoLTE and legacy 3G/2G speech technologies as well as improvements on data speeds. With this project Aspire supported the client’s journey to success in a very competitive market, challenged by demanding traffic needs in a limited spectrum scenario. 

The client appreciated Aspire’s ways of working where actions on E2E network performance improvement were combined with a strong knowledge-sharing component. Furthermore, the client was pleased with Aspire team’s flexibility to “support on ad hoc analysis in the periphery of the scope of service”. 

Thanks to the successful closure of the project, Aspire was recognized once again as a trusted partner and is working on the continuation of the engagement with this client.