Project team success

Supporting Tier 1 mobile network operator in winning the “Best in Class for Voice Quality”

Every year, mobile operators get their networks ready for various performance benchmarks, including the one run by Umlaut. This is a public benchmark aimed at outlining which mobile network can provide the best quality of services to its end-users according to pre-defined criteria. 5G coverage, throughput, latency, voice quality stationary, and in mobility are just a few factors affecting the final score.

In one of our clients, we have engaged an end-to-end team of experts that continuously pushes the bar on performance and customer experience alongside the operator technical team. Thanks to the combined teams’ effort our client managed to win the “Best in Class for Voice Quality” prize, which placed them above its biggest competitor in the market.

To summarize what “Best in Class for Voice Quality” mean, we can proudly say that our client provides to their end customers crystal-clear voice calls, excellent reliability, coverage, and the shortest call setup time.

This success story has been achieved thanks to the following factors:

  • high team effectiveness combined with innovative tools and smart automation that simplify and accelerate complex end-to-end troubleshooting
  • deep technical understanding of client’s networks and functionalities with our unique end-to-end perspective

All team members contributed to the project’s success thanks to joint thought leadership, technical expertise, professionalism, open communication, and mutual respect. We congratulate them for their excellent work and wish them success with the next audacious goal: to achieve the “Best in Class” place on the next yearly benchmark.