Project team success

Voice and Data E2E Optimization service for Tier-1 mobile operator in Middle East

The Aspire Technology team successfully delivered voice and data end-to-end optimization service project for one of the top mobile operators in the Middle East market.  

The scope of the project was to: 

  • Perform E2E network audit in terms of features, timers, QoS, congestion bottlenecks and packet loss for voice and data services. 
  • Assess and close the gap to competitors for DL Throughput, identify areas of improvement and support mobile operator in defining a plan to close it. 
  • Improve Call Setup Time & MOS for VoLTE & CSFB Services. 

Thanks to close cooperation with the operator’s team, the project delivered both very relevant improvements, such as: 

  • VoLTE CST improved ~700ms with the tuning of operator and hidden parameters. 
  • CSFB CST improved ~100ms in affected sites after extra signalling issues were fixed and >1s improvement in affected SIMs after SIMs inactivity timer alignment.  
  • Thousands of inconsistencies corrected in parameters not according to operator baseline. 
  • CA traffic steering deployed to improve traffic management between layers. These improvements will increase with expansion of the TDD layer.  
  • E2E QoS, Capacity, Packet Loss audit performed for data and voice services.
  • Competitor Voice & Data Performance Benchmark and breakdown performed.
  • RF Quality was one of the main reasons for the gap to competitors for both data and voice services. A detailed action plan was provided to the operator to focus their efforts on high impacting solutions.
  • Core issues were fixed, causing long paging time in the capital city centre area for CSFB, which triggered an internal investigation.  

As an additional value to the improvements delivered throughout the project, the Aspire team created a knowledge hub with all relevant documents, presentations and audits performed for future reference and learning, and held more than 20 hours of workshops with technical presentations and deep dive discussions. 

We congratulate the members of the project team from both sides on another successfully completed project and wish them success in upcoming work together!